Invoke [verb]

Definition of Invoke:

call upon

Synonyms of Invoke:

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Sentence/Example of Invoke:

He invoked his trustworthiness as a pastor, narrated facts about the vaccine over the nursing home’s public announcement system and reminded staff that nothing had happened to him or the others who had been vaccinated.

Yet our country has failed to invoke the Defense Production Act to produce enough masks for health-care workers and other essential workers.

O’Connell is fond of invoking instincts in explaining how rituals unfold.

If the case were moved to arbitration, the company could invoke immunity there as well, experts say.

In his victory speech, Warnock, 51, invoked Georgia’s history of racial oppression and voter suppression by hailing his vote from his mother.

According to Boney, the judge never specifically invoked the pandemic.

Despite the success of Operation Warp Speed at accelerating vaccine development, the federal government has resisted calls to invoke the Defense Production Act to increase the supply of these critical components of the vaccination program.

The Roman divinity can be invoked because he looks simultaneously in two opposite directions of time at once.

Northam invoked his credentials as a pediatrician to vouch for the safety of the vaccine, but added that until it is readily available to the general public, residents should continue wearing masks and observing physical distancing.

The same arguments that have frequently been invoked against masks, even though they not only protect the wearers but also the people around them.