Solicit [verb]

Definition of Solicit:

plead for; try to sell

Synonyms of Solicit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Solicit:

Sentence/Example of Solicit:

I was grieved to hear this, and resolved to solicit my son for him.

By this time our neighbors will become interested in and solicit work from us.

Upon this, I wrote to you, Sir, and you were so obliging as to solicit passports for me.

It was the taste of his time to desire, if not solicit patronage.

Then a vessel was commissioned to Mexico with news and to solicit reinforcements.

We are in your power: but instead of deprecating your interference, I now solicit your protection.'

She, too, hastened across the Atlantic to solicit aid in London.

He was much too proud to solicit and much too honest to scheme for a favorable expression.

It would have been seeking an anticlimax to solicit any more in the building.

He was not allowed to solicit gifts, but was at liberty to accept them when offered.