Drum [verb]

Definition of Drum:

beat, tap a beat

Synonyms of Drum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drum:


Sentence/Example of Drum:

It also would have enhanced the sounds of drums or other musical instruments, Cox says.

All that to be said, I think the drum we advertisers need to be beating isn’t primarily “who owns the data”, though certainly let’s get that determined.

Clicking on different objects, like the clock and the piano, prompts the user to adjust different tracks, like the drum line and melody.

Authorities are trying to figure out what to do about a drum circle in Ocean Beach.

As our lives pass day by day, the beating drums of the weekly routine take over and years pass until we reach our goal of retirement.

Roulard had played the trumpet in the regimental band in which Aristide had played the kettle drum.

There a familiar sound met his ears—the roll of a drum followed by an incantation in a quavering, high-pitched voice.

"I wonder if 'twas a brass drum, such as has 'Eblubust Unum' printed on't," said Mrs. Slocum.

His arm was drawn around the drum, and finally his whole body was drawn over the shaft, at a fearful rate.

I think 6½ feet diameter for the fly, and 9½ inches diameter for the small wheel, will give speed enough to the drum.