Canvass [verb]

Definition of Canvass:

poll; discuss issues

Synonyms of Canvass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canvass:

Sentence/Example of Canvass:

The canvass period ended with both gaining votes since two weeks ago, when the races were called and Democrats began planning for their new majority.

New York’s backlog of absentee ballots and California’s perpetually sluggish canvass added to the pile and complicated some of the first-draft takes on the election.

Or, a better preventive is a canvass or leather cap to protect the neck entirely from the storm.

My sentiments are neither divine oracles nor theological opinions which it is not permitted to canvass.

In the canvass of 1896 Mr. McKinley announced that he would make no electioneering tour.

But Mr Ferguson was not a sailor, or he would have known that it is the custom to reduce the grace in proportion with the canvass.

Canvass of the local trucking industry brought to light the conveyor of that elegant article of furniture.

But they are mere allusions, or broken description, like touches on the canvass, without being united to produce a perfect object.

I can get in touch with plenty of women to canvass for you in a little or no time.

This was gallant fighting-canvass, and it excited the admiration of even his enemies.