Analyze [verb]

Definition of Analyze:

examine and determine

Synonyms of Analyze:

Opposite/Antonyms of Analyze:

Sentence/Example of Analyze:

São Paolo for instance, a bustling city of over 12 million, never topped 14 percent seroprevalence despite both cities implementing similar social distancing measures, the analyzed blood donations show.

Seals can exceed their limit about 5 percent of the time, so Quick’s team analyzed 3,680 dives by 23 whales.

Saying that it was still analyzing the data, the company did not provide such specifics as how many people died in each group.

For instance, as Nick Wilsdon further pointed out, analyzing search data to understand the customer journey and what people are asking about a certain business can inform customer support and their new frequently asked questions materials.

Those results may not be too surprising, but the data could not have been analyzed at all without automation.

When analyzing your data, always visualize what insights a publisher might take away from the project.

You can analyze things like a human far easier than a machine can because… you are a human.

More than 90% of apps analyzed sent data to a US-based company, while 5% sent data to a China-based company.

Before Red Bull started working with Kx in 2017, Cadieux says, data from a series of wind tunnel tests was gathered, uploaded to a high-performance computing cluster, and analyzed in batches.

He gives an example that some of the best leaders fail when they evade and don’t analyze information because they won’t like the answer.