Parsing [verb]

Definition of Parsing:

deduce; explain

Synonyms of Parsing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parsing:

Sentence/Example of Parsing:

It’s worth it, then, to spend some time parsing through what, exactly, the reporting says, what the specific denials are, and how they match with the facts as we know them.

In a new column, VOSD Editor in Chief Scott Lewis parses the decision and slams officials for refusing to prioritize the physical reopening of schools.

We just need to parse what “winning” means in terms of biology.

Because neurons aren’t packed together the same way between different brain regions, this provides a way to parse the brain into areas that can be further studied.

To understand the effects of Covid-19 going forward, however, economists within and outside the US government are parsing very different sets of data.

In this way, individual smells—no matter how complex within a soup of scents—are parsed into highways to reach glomeruli, or little bulbs of neural processors at the start of the brain’s olfactory regions.