Conjure [verb]

Definition of Conjure:

appeal to, implore

Synonyms of Conjure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conjure:

Sentence/Example of Conjure:

But if, in your tenderness for me, you sought to reserve aught to shelter me against poverty, I conjure you give it all!

There is none here but my God and you; and by his sacred name, I conjure you to remember your promise, and save my brother!

Or was it well to conjure up angelical or supernatural persons to repeat it?

Conjure up for me then, here and now, any sort of features whatsoever that please your fancy.

He was worse than the gossiping women, letting himself conjure up weird and incredible ideas.

Promise, I conjure you, promise me to say nothing more of this.

Among others were Manuk Manuk, surely a name to conjure with!

His name was used to conjure with too often for his comfort.

He tried to conjure up his agony of longing for his mistress.

But hang it, I thought you came to enjoy yourself and not to conjure up things to make you sad.