Meddle [verb]

Definition of Meddle:

intervene, interfere

Opposite/Antonyms of Meddle:

Sentence/Example of Meddle:

Pray let me advise you never more to meddle with a classical myth.

But the parliament were forbidden by authority to meddle in the affair.

Relations who might interfere and pray and meddle and spoil things?

There are things which cannot concern him, and with which I do not choose him to meddle.

All books which meddle with the faith are condemnable and pernicious.

I thought so long as I let no one meddle with them, they were safe enough.'

What business have such fellows to meddle with affairs of state?

"And that I forbade you to meddle with," said Uncle Jack, quietly.

But if the generality of men should meddle with and make use of horses, do they spoil them?

"Surely such affairs are not for women to meddle with," he cried.