Pry [verb]

Definition of Pry:

interfere in someone else's business

Synonyms of Pry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pry:

Sentence/Example of Pry:

"Just held him up to pry into his private affairs," she put it bluntly to herself.

(Aloud) I don't mean, my good girl, to pry into your family affairs.

Young people are entitled to their own privacy; I don't want to pry.

As to Mrs. Betts's former history, no one had the smallest right to pry into it.

It was one thing to pry into a man's secret; another, to help him escape from it!

Gently he tried to pry their resisting hands away from hers.

He was reticent of his own business, however much he wanted to pry into mine.

I forgot to say we dumped our guns and everything else we could pry loose.

Now pry off the connectors with the screw driver, as shown in Fig. 193.

If their poor little property had lasted we should have had hard work to pry them out.