Stare [verb]

Definition of Stare:

gape, watch

Synonyms of Stare:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stare:

Sentence/Example of Stare:

Why does he fling himself from his horse and stare so strangely about him?

She turned to stare at the Inspector with eyes that were very clear and very hard.

I thought he must be crazed by over-study, and I could only sit and stare at him, open-mouthed.

Simba continued to stare, and Kingozi had lifted his prism glasses.

Kingozi, nursing the bowl of his pipe, continued to stare up at him.

Kingozi continued to stare at him in the most uncompromising manner.

One after another of the eleven men felt the weight of his stare.

You stare so hard, and you're always looking at my stockings!

You shake your heads; then why do you stare at me as though I were a thing accursed and unclean?

Hold my hand and walk close beside me, but do not stare at me so hard.