Focus [noun]

Definition of Focus:

center of attraction

Synonyms of Focus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Focus:

Sentence/Example of Focus:

In the intervening period, as we weighed the cost of our overall portfolio and strategic focus, we made the decision not to relaunch the service.

Several startups, including MJ Platform and BioTrack, are building similar platforms for this market, but Canix says the company’s focus on improving data entry makes it stand apart.

West Virginia environmental regulators are proposing to reduce the fines that a coal company owned by the state’s governor could pay for water pollution violations that are the focus of a federal court case.

Initially there may be a limited supply of vaccines available, and the focus will be on protecting health workers, other essential employees, and people in vulnerable groups.

However, different aspects vary based on the agency’s focus.

Many say that there’s been a focus on making space for conversations about race, planning out how the agency will tackle its diversity issues but little firm action beyond planning.

Over the last two years, The Economist has narrowed its focus on what it publishes to LinkedIn.

Up north, with Pennsylvania a potential tipping point state, the focus will be on Philadelphia City Commissioners Lisa Deeley, Al Schmidt and Omar Sabir.

Now the focus is on passing a domestic version of the EU copyright reform law.

In the past few years, researchers have begun to dig deeper into sex differences in sports science, with a particular focus on the impact of the menstrual cycle.