Limelight [noun]

Definition of Limelight:

public attention

Synonyms of Limelight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limelight:

Sentence/Example of Limelight:

Moreover, these links are a great way to reach out, make connections, and get your content in the desired limelight.

A rich result undoubtedly gets more limelight and hence more attention from users which means that their CTRs also increase tremendously.

Olfaction, long the Cinderella of the senses, was thrown into the limelight of the scientific mainstream.

Not to be outdone at the ’85 Cologne show, Harley-Davidson was, as usual, way ahead of its time with this Sportster-powered, Katana-inspired Café Racer, which shared the limelight with the new GSX-R750, Bimota Tesi, et al.

Meanwhile, brands owned by Dongguan-based BBK Electronics Corporation—realme, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and iQOO—were also in the limelight.

Advances in marketing technology have catapulted the capabilities of multivariate testing tools into the limelight.

Limelight and the center of the stage was a passion of Sam Clemens's boyhood, a love of the spectacular that never wholly died.

Used to going unostentatiously about with her chums, she now found herself continually in the limelight.

The vulgarity and love of the limelight which Du Maurier had satirized were multiplied tenfold.

The clashing bayonets flashed like quicksilver, and faces were lit up as by limelight.