Serous [adjective]

Definition of Serous:

fluid, flowing, melting

Synonyms of Serous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serous:

Sentence/Example of Serous:

The upper jaw is an independent outgrowth of the serous layer.

The cause of the serous collections is not so readily discovered.

Hemorrhages are found in the mucous, serous or muscular layers.

The stools are at first semisolid, and then are watery and serous.

When it produces a serous exudation, it should be frequently renewed.

The bladder, urethra, and serous surfaces are always exempt.

Nodules may also form under the serous covering of the intestines.

The internal coat is serous, and also similar to that of the arteries.

The exudation may, as in iritis, be serous, plastic or purulent.

It secretes a serous fluid which keeps the inner surfaces moist.