Thawed [verb]

Definition of Thawed:

unfreeze, warm

Synonyms of Thawed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thawed:

Sentence/Example of Thawed:

Polar ice would have been thawed by this reopening of communication.

If the fish is frozen, it should first be thawed in cold water.

Vera Farlow thawed considerably before the evening was over.

Mr. Lumley thawed a bit at the sight of the proffered cigar.

"The snow had just then thawed from my eyes," he has himself often repeated.

In all Alaskan camps the ground is frozen and must be thawed down.

Every foot of dirt had to be thawed out by means of wood fires.

Her men did not sleep; they thawed themselves in relays and swarmed on deck again.

His success seemed to have thawed his reserve for the time being.

When the reserve peculiar to him is thawed, he can be very agreeable.