Adulterated [adjective]

Definition of Adulterated:

debased or dirty

Synonyms of Adulterated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adulterated:

Sentence/Example of Adulterated:

This lack of oversight means that many “Canadian drugs,” which often originate in other countries and are merely shipped through Canada, are adulterated.

Formerly, when a commodity was adulterated, it could be returned, and the courts became sorely troubled to defend an adulteration.

It is to be observed that with the exception of Burgred's coins and a few anonymous pieces the silver was never adulterated.

The inferior kinds of smalt are occasionally adulterated with chalk.

It is often largely adulterated with chalk and sulphate of copper.

Flour and other cereal foods are sometimes adulterated with some cheap substitutes, as bran or sawdust.

Then came the special interests that sold to the people diseased meats, poisoned foods, and adulterated drugs.

Annotta is very frequently adulterated; indeed, nearly always so.

It is occasionally met with largely adulterated with liquid styrax.

At Hankow the supply was so adulterated that a friend of mine actually found a small live fish in his morning cupful.