Virtuous [adjective]

Definition of Virtuous:

good, ethical; innocent

Opposite/Antonyms of Virtuous:

Sentence/Example of Virtuous:

The virtuous Melissa parted from them with many blessings and tears.

It is composed of a brave, a free, a virtuous, and an intelligent people.

All we are told about her is, that her name was Agatha, and that she was learned and virtuous.

That this should be so in the case of his virtuous and legal connection he was perfectly certain.

From which virtuous and venomous opinion the undersigned begs to differ.

And it was certain that, if there had been a quarrel, it was not because of virtuous plain-speaking from Bedr.

But the dereliction of hope is not the worst enemy of virtuous woman.

It is not in the power of events to undermine the felicity of the virtuous.

The world has had full opportunity to profit by his virtuous example.

I have been too weak to be virtuous: but I have been tried, tried most bitterly.