Spotless [adjective]

Definition of Spotless:

very clean; innocent

Synonyms of Spotless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spotless:

Sentence/Example of Spotless:

The table was covered with a cloth as white and spotless as good linen can well be.

With his spotless hue, he resembled a snow drift, wafted along by the wind.

Her tender side is gored; her spotless and snowy coat is deformed with blood.

Invoke not the unhallowed spirits of the abyss; invoke the spotless synod of the Gods.

He opposed to it the unconquered shield of spotless innocence.

At first, indeed, he was foolish enough to insist his record was spotless.

When I woke, my feet were clean, Spotless with a sparkling sheen.

And, over all, there hung in graceful folds an ermine robe of spotless white.

But he was known as a man of peace and a man of spotless honour.

The air was clean and sweet and the sky overhead a spotless blue.