Sanitary [adjective]

Definition of Sanitary:

clean, germ-free

Synonyms of Sanitary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sanitary:

Sentence/Example of Sanitary:

Take the case of a doctor who devotes himself to sanitary science.

Sanitary restrictions, seemingly so necessary in hot climates, were unheard of.

The Sanitary Commission I preside over is not in favour with the populace.

Our law-makers control the sanitary conditions and pay of teachers.

It is possible that this rule may have had its origin in a sanitary precaution.

I was a major—no longer a surgeon major or just a sanitary official.

Attempts were then made to burn the native shanties, for sanitary reasons.

It is sanitary and much to be preferred to any of the mush poultices of bygone days.

Why is it necessary to consider the sanitary conditions of vegetables?

Why is it necessary to consider the sanitary condition of milk?