Snowy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Snowy:

The lantern, set on a tombstone beside them, blinked in a snowy gust.

And no thought of impurity came to him on beholding that lily, snowy whiteness.

Beauteous and snowy was the person of the fair: her form was delicate, and her limbs were tender.

Her tender side is gored; her spotless and snowy coat is deformed with blood.

He was old and snowy haired, but as fresh as a daisy and as spry as a cricket.

Here, indeed, in this snowy silence, they were free from any intrusion.

Its cluster of snowy flowers suggested a corner of a royal garden.

Albine's snowy skin was but the whiteness of Serge's browner skin.

A door opposite the fireplace opens inward from a snowy street.

He fingered his snowy stock, and bent upon her eyes of glowing adoration.