Soiled [adjective]

Definition of Soiled:


Synonyms of Soiled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soiled:


Sentence/Example of Soiled:

His clothes were soiled and stained, and his face was covered with ragged beard.

She might have rumpled or soiled it, and so feared discovery.

The plumage, once shining with hues direct from heaven, is soiled and bedraggled.

Yes, my husband who has defiled me as no other on earth could have soiled and degraded me!

Because I have a deep respect for your cloth and should be sorry to see it soiled.

Oh, these good old times, with their soiled and dirty splendours!

His dress has been laboriously genteel, but is torn and soiled.

Stan was dressed in a wrinkled and soiled outfit that was streaked with mud.

All was there, not a leaf missing, though some rumpled and soiled.

Its little cap was gone, and it dress torn and soiled with seaweed.