Sullied [verb]

Definition of Sullied:

soil, stain

Synonyms of Sullied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sullied:

Sentence/Example of Sullied:

No taint of vice or dissipation had ever sullied the brightness of his pleasant life.

Was it well that a deity should be sullied by a mortal's wound?

Even the memory of his grand passion was now corrupted, sullied, debased.

The child has been concealed, that she might not be sullied by the looks of such creatures as you.

Never let your reputation in this respect be sullied by so much as a breath.

She would not allow her mind to be sullied by such a suspicion.

But never yet had “baffled” sullied her wells of pure undefiled English.

The glory of the victory was sullied by the barbarity of the soldiers.

But his military fame was sullied by ingratitude and tyranny.

The lips that had sullied my dear wife's should have no sort of speech with mine.