Stained [verb]

Definition of Stained:

dirty, taint

Synonyms of Stained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stained:

Sentence/Example of Stained:

His shirt and hand, and even his naked arm, were stained and blotched with blood.

His clothes were soiled and stained, and his face was covered with ragged beard.

The wound had as yet bled but little, for only the Prince's clothes were stained.

The ladies examined their dresses carefully to see if they had been stained.

Not a cloud now stained the pale azure tinged with rose color.

Above the altar and at either side of it were stained glass windows.

Both were stained and smeared with grease; they were amply large.

His coat had opened wider, and she saw that his shirt was stained with blood.

The beams of the low ceiling and the woodwork of the walls had been stained a mellow brown.

I come to call you away from a scene that is stained with blood and tears.