Exemplary [adjective]

Definition of Exemplary:


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Sentence/Example of Exemplary:

Mary was on the contrary so far subdued, as to be exemplary in goodness and diligence, and Blanche was always steady.

Whatever might have been their faults, or even their crimes, in other countries, in these their conduct had been exemplary.

Dorothy bore it all with exemplary patience, and resumed her work in such spirits, that she sang from the very joy of her heart.

Exemplary punishment is to be visited upon me for "precocious godlessness, dangerous tendencies, and insubordination."

Nor had the conduct of these veteran soldiers been less exemplary in their quarters than in the field.

Bishop Kidder was 'an exemplary and learned man of the simplest and most charitable character.'

But though the effort was not seconded as it should have been, none the less honour is due to the exemplary men who made it.

This exemplary daughter was her father's idol, when contrasted with other, and less favored girls.

His authority seemed great, and he exercised it with exemplary discretion.

And in "Antony and Cleopatra" we make the acquaintance of several exemplary common soldiers.