Romantic [adjective]

Definition of Romantic:

sentimental, idealistic

Opposite/Antonyms of Romantic:

Sentence/Example of Romantic:

"That's what your romantic boy out of a book has done," said Charles Merchant.

But what was all this to the romantic uncertainty as to what lay beyond!

That is romantic imagination; and the mischief it does is incalculable.

This was not altogether because of her mother's romantic past, but because of her own manners and clothes.

All we're asking you to do, is not to go about imitating him with his romantic talk!

What a romantic picture of a forced marriage have you drawn, Niece!

It's too romantic and fascinating for words—or to put into words.

Altogether he's what I sometimes hear the ladies call 'a romantic figure.'

This romantic region has been proudly termed the Switzerland of Canada.

Every neighbourhood has its stories, its legends, and romantic histories.