Dewy [adjective]

Definition of Dewy:


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Sentence/Example of Dewy:

The gel they mix with soil absorbs the dewy moisture and holds it.

Your bath will leave you calm, cool, collected, and dewy to boot.

She had been walking alone with her arms hanging limp, letting her white skirts trail along the dewy path.

How beautiful thou art, O heaven divine,And thou, O dewy earth!

In quiet shade the sombre valley lay,While all the little hills around were clothedWith the soft lustre of the dewy moon.

I could fancy the joy of walking between these dewy rows in the fresh morning sun and picking my breakfast.

We moved across the dewy lawn to a bench beneath the sycamore that guarded the house, and sat down.

Then his eager arms darted forward, but met nothing save cold, dewy bushes.

Sat sweating here, literally and metaphorically, from morn till dewy eve.

Dewy-eyed with shimmering hair,Maiden and lamb were a sight to see, For her pet was white as she was fair.