Dank [adjective]

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Neither do “dampish,” “dank” or “wettish,” which are the other alternatives offered by Merriam-Webster.

Often the start and finish of portages happen in dank, mosquito-infested wetlands that no one enjoys.

She sank back on the dank floor of the cave and buried her face in her dirt-stained hands.

The dank vapours of Covent Garden are sweet in the nostrils of many a cockney reveller.

He charged up the canyon, fumbling in his parka for more shells, and crashed through dank high brush into a shadowy clearing.

Barnacles had fastened upon the hull, and long tresses of green, dank seaweed hung trailing from the iron paddle-wheels.

His face, which bore traces of more than common beauty, was now white and pinched; his hair hung dank about his forehead.

But the compound subject is really equivalent to “the willow with its osiers dank,” osiers being water-willows or their branches.

My lank limp lily, my long lithe lily, My languid lily-love fragile and thin, With dank leaves dangling and flower-flap chilly.

The opened door revealed the gloom of the dank rooms and twisting staircase, then fell to behind them with a clatter.