Parched [adjective]

Definition of Parched:


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Sentence/Example of Parched:

With parched throats, gasping for breath, they lay back in agony.

The canteens were soon emptied, and still their lips and throats were parched.

Dick's throat and mouth were parched, and he felt as if he were breathing fire.

"I can tell you nothing," he said, moistening his parched lips.

It was like a brook overflowing after a rainstorm when the soil is parched.

That night sleep forsook his eyelids, and his mouth was parched and his spirit bitter.

His throat was parched, his eyelids were twitching, and his temples were beating like drums.

Her brow was hot and throbbing, and her lips were parched and feverish.

It allays a feverish thirst, that had parched me for many days.

A fever seemed to be upon her, and mouth and throat were parched.