Burned [adjective]

Definition of Burned:

marked by fire or intense heat

Synonyms of Burned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burned:


Sentence/Example of Burned:

The parliament house and library of the British provinces, at Montreal, burned by a mob.

The small grain crops had been burned to a crisp, and disaster hung over the land.

They used to believe in witchcraft, and they burned millions—yes, millions—of innocent women as witches.

Joan Boughton, a widow, was burned for heresy; said to be the first female martyr of England.

Heresies for which men used to be burned alive are now openly accepted by the Church.

Parliament of England ordered the Book of Sports to be burned by the common hangman.

The one over which she had wept such bitter tears in the valley, they had burned the night before they left their Saboba home.

There had been cruel misunderstanding on his part somewhere; that misunderstanding must be burned away.

The mob of relatives and friends wrecked and burned the castle, massacring the retainers to a man.

When the last scarlo is burned out a funeral march is played and all disperse to their homes.