Sticky [adjective]

Definition of Sticky:

gummy, adhesive

Synonyms of Sticky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sticky:







Sentence/Example of Sticky:

And then, when he had slipped his hand back into hers, he had encountered a sticky chocolate!

It was too dark to see the color, but I knew from the sticky feeling of it just what it was.

That dirty little red, moving, sticky object was a human being.

Here and there something brown and sticky on the leaves caught the scout's eye.

The street had been transformed into a morass of sticky mud by the storm.

Do all the mixing with a spoon, as it makes it sticky if you touch your hands to it.

His hand went out and recoiled from something soft and sticky.

Cold, churlish, sticky or clammy clays are never to the liking of the grape.

During the sticky flow of her words, he knew she was trying to gammon him.

The wide, kite-like fins of rays, quivered in their sticky glue.