Mirthless [adjective]

Definition of Mirthless:

depressed, sad

Opposite/Antonyms of Mirthless:

Sentence/Example of Mirthless:

It was a harsh, mirthless laugh, which was equally an insult.

“Well, I know it,” said Rathburn with a low, mirthless laugh.

A quiet and mirthless chuckle was heard in the pause of shocked silence.

A mirthless voice, with an intention of mirth in it, said, 'Look out!

When the Prodigal expostulated with me I laughed—a bitter, mirthless laugh.

"This is your wroom," said the Chinaman, revealing his yellow teeth in a mirthless smile.

Ho-Pin, his face a smiling, mirthless mask, bent over the bed.

Never had he found any supper party so noisy, so mirthless, and so endless.

Then Rosemary laughed, too, but her laugh was also mirthless.

She had uttered it in a fear accentuated by a mirthless laugh.