Forgettable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Forgettable:

In the moment Isaiah Wright took flight — blond dreadlocks streaming behind him, a chance at his first career touchdown within reach — it was easy to forget how unlikely it all was.

“I totally forgot about the fact that we were not finished with the agenda,” he said later.

It’s time to rely on local partnerships, cross-border collaborations, and all the human teamwork that’s easy to forget when there’s a shiny new button to click.

In fact, the Reds have been so impenetrable defensively for the past two seasons, it’s easy to forget that they have also been as good as any team in the world going forward.

I barely knew this person, and that is how she treated my family, which I will never forget.

A young woman’s bargain for immortality renders her cursed to be forgotten by anyone she meets.

Her mind was very sharp and despite her situation, she made jokes and laughed, which made me forget I was on death row with her.

There was the one about how then-Penn coach Fran Dunphy once forgot it was a Wednesday and scheduled a practice for 1 o’clock — smack in the middle of Scheuer’s weekly noon hoops game.

As I woke up and cringed at the thought of placing ice cold contacts on my eyeballs, I realized just how much I’d forgotten about wilderness survival.

The only hiccups were the few election workers who showed up late or forgot the key to the polling place.