Unadorned [adjective]

Definition of Unadorned:

plain, simple

Synonyms of Unadorned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unadorned:


Sentence/Example of Unadorned:

They seemed now to be as simple and fresh and natural as the unadorned frocks they wore.

I should like to give the House an unadorned narrative of the incident.

Unadorned statements of fact, or what is meant to be taken as fact, do not satisfy them.

The objects of interest are the models pegged to the unadorned walls.

The walls were a flat metallic gray, unadorned and windowless.

I prefer the unadorned garb of the civilian—and independence.

No encroaching politeness in the act, but kindness, unadorned.

His face, like most of the others, was smooth, unadorned by beard or mustache.

Else, she was unadorned, save for a circlet of rubies which crowned the dusky head.

But he was Tasper Britt, in looks, as Britt unadorned ought to have been.