Enticing [adjective]

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Many say that after being enticed into the line of work by flexible hours and good pay, they feel they’ve been squeezed and marginalized after companies attracted enough drivers to cut back what they pay.

At least 17 other people are becoming billionaires from the listing, which has enticed retail and institutional investors alike.

That includes goodies to entice runners such as medals and a shirt, swag runners of the in-person race also get.

The patterns are nests, meticulously plowed over the course of days and decorated with shells to entice females to lay their eggs in the center.

These “fun” features serve as a way to entice users to agree to the update, which then locks users further inside the Facebook universe as it opens up cross-platform messaging.

Wall Street was enticed by its growth and burgeoning consumer brand, according to one insurtech executive TechCrunch spoke to earlier this week.

While we love to take a “Chamber of Commerce” role and entice visitors to the beaches, our real area of expertise is real estate sales.

They cite Instagram’s legions of users who could potentially be enticed to try Reels.

To entice customers to leave a review, you can offer them incentives for their participation through discounts on products or maybe a free e-book.

As content marketers, we know that the purpose of our content should always be to educate, inform, and entice readers.