Ireful [adjective]

Definition of Ireful:


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Sentence/Example of Ireful:

If you can Bear this with patience, we must say you have not The bitterness of spleen, or ireful passions Familiar to women.

He still made a jest of her remonstrance, trying the temper of the animal, and rejoicing in its dark flushes of ireful vigour.

There was the ireful consciousness that the narrow-gauge folks were giving him a raw deal on that dynamite matter.

Fascination is never so imperial as when, roused and half ireful, she threatens transformation to fierceness.

The maid retired, and the young man came in looking both ireful and stern.

Her ireful words he had borne with outward calm; he had learned they were borne more easily, if borne calmly.

Finding that I was kicking against the pricks, I made my bow, and went home again in a very ireful mood.

He sprang up again and turned his ireful face to where, in the crowd, sat the old politician.

As she paces to and fro the ugly din fades out of her ears and the ireful red out of her cheeks.

“There you have it, John,” he snarled, more ireful as a champion than the unhappy principal.