Raging [adjective]

Definition of Raging:

violent; mad

Opposite/Antonyms of Raging:

Sentence/Example of Raging:

Night came on and with it a blinding snow storm and a raging wind.

The thing would be raging madness—as unjust to Hester as to himself!

I'll have to tell the oul' fella, and he'll be raging mad when he hears about it.

Hold of it was lost in the raging fever of a nation, as it is in the fever of one patient.

Slight displacements of the raging sea, made by the falling wounded.

Where the small-pox is raging, the field to be left to the Small-Pox.

Bill spoke gravely and slowly, with no hint of the anger that was raging within.

But Du Dsi Tschun remained unmoved, so the giant went off raging.

It was hollow as the raging wind; and yet it was not the raging wind.

An equinoctial gale was raging, or rather had been raging all day.