Raving [adjective]

Definition of Raving:


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Sentence/Example of Raving:

We put him to bed, and in a short time he wakened, raving with a fever on his brain.

If I had pursued the matter, who knows but I might have been a raving maniac by this time.

Coupeau was a raving madman, the same as one sees at the Charenton mad-house!

He was manacled and guarded as though he were a raving madman.

Mary began to feel that she, too, was in danger of raving distraction.

She was raving in delirium, and died without recognizing me.

I stopped my ears against his raving, but could not shut it out.

Sooner or later I must go, or I shall become a raving maniac.

You may see how she has fascinated me, for I could go on raving about her for hours.

Thinking, too, of old Aleck Douglas and the things that he had said in his raving.