Delirious [adjective]

Definition of Delirious:

mentally imbalanced

Synonyms of Delirious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delirious:

Sentence/Example of Delirious:

It didn’t take long for them to end up in the worst kind of scenario—lost, exhausted, and increasingly delirious.

He was delirious, so she and another nurse sedated him and tied him down, which kept him alive.

Patients can end up delirious and in pain, weakened by an unremitting torrent of bloody diarrhea.

Harangues against the king and the aristocrats rendered them delirious with rage.

Rose Maylie had rapidly grown worse, and before midnight was delirious.

And that your next clear recollection is of lying here, where you were brought after being found delirious by the police?

And all this while, burning with fever, Ella Bedford lay delirious, and with a nurse at her bedside night and day.

Patients having this disease sometimes grow delirious and violent, and the priest should be careful how he handles them.

The words were so audibly breathed that the girl started in her delirious sorrow, and gazed wildly around.

I grew worse during a whole week, and was delirious without intermission, both day and night.