Hectic [adjective]

Definition of Hectic:

frantic, turbulent

Synonyms of Hectic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hectic:

Sentence/Example of Hectic:

She had a lean, hectic face, and prominent blue eyes under masses of light hair.

A dreamer and a poet, he became wistfully gay on this hectic night among kindred spirits.

He stays to dinner, which is a hectic meal, for through it all I am tasting this Paris, this Paris that is waiting for me.

His colour was hectic and gaudy; and in composition he possessed little skill.

Next to her on the right was a Russian girl, a few years older than herself, with a pinched and hectic face.

But, notwithstanding her hectic excitement and intense suffering, Madame observed him standing in the background.

It was like a hectic flush—the deceptive seeming of health on the cheek of the consumptive.

How, when she looked on Arthur's glassy eye, and listened to his hectic cough, could she talk to him of love and marriage?

Maria, a faint hectic of surprise coming into her cheeks, sat up and let him take her hand.

The sweat stood on his steep forehead and a hectic flush on either cheek, but there was a smile—what a smile!