Unhurried [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unhurried:

Kelley straightened and cast an unhurried glance around him.

It is one of the most languid, unhurried sounds in all the woods.

"This is better," he said, fingering it, unhurried as a man with hours to throw away.

No one doubts his motives; besides, he has a family, and is rich and unhurried.

The voice of MacGregor was cool and unhurried as Thurston listened.

There was activity everywhere, but it was well-ordered and unhurried.

She moved on with unhurried step, and turned towards the nearest cab-rank.

Measured, unhurried; like the sounding of a bell for mass of a Sunday morning.

He moved away with the smooth, unhurried rhythm that bore him swiftly along.

Unhurried, a true artist, he shaped one side of the rib to the other.