Nippy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Nippy:

The wind was in their faces, such wind as there was, and the air was keen and nippy.

Would have liked to have warned you the other night, but Bacon was too nippy.

Right in front of him was Nippy, worrying the wriggling tail with her sharp teeth like a little terrier.

They carry the mail over vast, snowy wildernesses, and even sometimes to Dawson, when the air is not too nippy.

Efter a while I felt a bit sleepy; 'twere t' nippy air, an' mebbe t' seet o' t' fallin' watter dazed my een.

Then, as the air was nippy with frost, Miss Brazilla hurried indoors again.

Little "Nippy," my beloved fox terrier, and constant companion, rushed into the laboratory and ran up to me.

Nippy would have nothing to do with me, and crawled dejectedly from the room, a terrified look in his eyes.

Sharp to time, at three o'clock on a very "nippy" afternoon, a most terrific cannonade was opened on the doomed trench.

Under Alcock's skillful hands the big Vimy became almost as nippy as a single-seater scout.