Dishearten [verb]

Definition of Dishearten:

depress, ruin one's hopes

Synonyms of Dishearten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dishearten:

Sentence/Example of Dishearten:

If you have missed that slot, then no need to be disheartened as, by the end of this article, you will earn the best ways to get there.

He said nothing, not wishing perhaps to dishearten his companion.

While they dishearten the irresolute, they stimulate the brave.

Fortune may be kind or be unkind, it shall neither dishearten me nor uplift me.

It is an immense problem, often enough to dishearten good men and women.

No, no, there is nothing encouraging about it; and as for disheartening, nothing ought to dishearten a seaman.

He had no wish to dishearten him, but he knew there was little chance of his being successful.

But is a man of very happy-go-lucky type whom it is hard to dishearten.

Bartholdi being dishearten'd with all these Delays, began to despair of the Success of the Negociation.

We cannot deny, but there are many things to dishearten you, and make you grow faint and weary, viz.