Searing [adjective]

Definition of Searing:


Opposite/Antonyms of Searing:

Sentence/Example of Searing:

M. le Marquis raised his head, and showed a face that pain was searing.

The thought was hot in his heart as the searing touch of iron red from the fire.

They had been baked by the searing heat, baked and charred almost to the ground.

He had none of the mockery which is so searing and blighting a thing to hot youth.

They turned left, almost running in the teeth of that searing blast.

Or will he touch me with his searing hand, And leave a black memorial on the sand?

There was a searing flash beside his head, the bite of fire on his cheek.

Like a fire it was burning in her, searing her brain and her soul day and night.

I felt the conviction thrill through me like a searing iron.

In the midst of the searing heat it still moved with alien, jolting motions.