Scorching [adjective]

Definition of Scorching:

very hot

Synonyms of Scorching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scorching:



Sentence/Example of Scorching:

Then came smoke, the smell of scorching linen, and a cry of horror from Celine.

Words can give no idea of the scorching, blinding heat this August afternoon.

Cover the fat of the kidney and the back with paper to prevent it from scorching.

My suffering was horrible; my tears were flowing, scorching and bitter.

He was still looking at her and tears were scorching his eyes.

Henceforth your rays shall ever be hot and scorching, and shall burn all that they touch.

Oh, if Swift had been there to see it, what a scorching satire we should have had!

The scorching air was laden to suffocation by the odors of burning resin.

For miles and miles the scorching sand stretched on every side.

I have the feel of the oar in my hand, the vision of a scorching blue sea in my eyes.