Roasting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Roasting:

As the roasting also develops the flavor, it must be done carefully.

These directions for roasting beef will apply equally to mutton.

Repeat this frequently while it is roasting; after a while you can baste it with its own fat.

It will require, according to its size, from two to three hours roasting.

A good sized pig will require at least three hours' roasting.

This gravy is by many preferred to that which comes from the goose in roasting.

Watch it carefully while roasting, looking at it frequently.

The sweating bodies of the fighters glistened in the roasting sunshine.

A goose should be prepared the same as for roasting, placing it on a stand, and taking care to turn it when it is half done.

Their pots and kettles were boiling, and meat was roasting upon the spits.