Airless [adjective]

Definition of Airless:

without fresh air

Synonyms of Airless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airless:


Sentence/Example of Airless:

The study emphasizes how much researchers still have to learn about the world that looms large in our sky, which has a lot going on for an airless body.

By stopping and stewing in a perfectly airless state-room 292 I seem to have got rid of the pleurisy.

No vegetables except moss and toadstool-like productions could exist in that airless and pestiferous region.

The night was hot and airless, and we sat out on the verandah, and talked of many things.

The day that was soon to melt into evening had been sultry, the class-rooms airless, their tasks fatiguing.

In the airless, bow-windowed room, upon the untidy sofa where he had left her, his wife was lying dead.

It happened towards the end of his visit—another airless day of that mild January.

The airless darkness around her seemed full of noise, hot gasping breathing, and snapping teeth.

Outside was an airless vacuum, a waste quivering under the heat of a sun thrice the size it appears from Earth.

Soundless, airless, lifeless, the tumbled plain stretched to a jagged horizon.