Stinging [adjective]

Definition of Stinging:


Synonyms of Stinging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stinging:

Sentence/Example of Stinging:

The stinging air bit my nostrils and drove my hands into my pockets.

It floated everywhere, and Dick felt it stinging his mouth and throat.

His mouth was full of something that burned, a liquid hot, acrid, and stinging.

For which prevision he was rewarded with a stinging smack on the head.

This was my aunt's stinging epithet for me in moments of anger.

The early July days were cloudless and full of hot, stinging noises.

This was said rather loudly, and probably with the intention of stinging me.

Its pitiless words flailed him unceasingly with their stinging taunts.

Sweat soaking his shirt, rivering down his face, stinging his eyes.

Then off they fly—a whole swarm of singing, stinging mosquitoes.