Competitive [adjective]

Definition of Competitive:

willing to oppose

Synonyms of Competitive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Competitive:

Sentence/Example of Competitive:

The strategy of getting cozy with corporate partners isn’t unique to Forage, but the team views it as a competitive advantage.

The latter five states are among those most competitive this year.

For example, if you bring down the cost of low-carbon technology in the US, you can make it competitive with fossil fuels in China and India, encouraging its use.

Take a highly competitive state like Pennsylvania, for example.

The central premise of the Friedman Doctrine was that to continue to prosper, American business needed to stay globally competitive—and that required executives to focus only on profits and share price.

We focus our suggestions on pillars that are underfunded today and can underpin globally competitive US industries.

What I started to piece together was that I was in offices with men, and these traditional activewear brands had been built by men and really catered to the competitive athlete.

Again, search within this ecosystem is a significant competitive thing, as it can guide users towards certain products and services over rivals.

Partial matches are high risk when optimizing in an industry that is very highly competitive and prone to algorithm updates – such as casino or gamblings, loans and credit, finance and insurance, web hosting, FX, and more.

With only 10% of marketers seeing video ads as a lower-funnel strategy, you have a competitive advantage with CTV retargeting since it’s something your competition may overlook.