Competing [verb]

Definition of Competing:

go up against in contest

Opposite/Antonyms of Competing:

Sentence/Example of Competing:

I think that’s going to be where Hong Kong is going to find itself competing, rather than the financial centers in Tokyo or Singapore.

Epic Chief Executive Officer Tim Sweeney emailed Apple on June 30 seeking to set up its own competing Epic Games Store app through the App Store but was rebuffed, according to Apple’s filing.

With the city choosing between competing redevelopment bids now, the start of construction could be a ways off, to say nothing of a ribbon-cutting date.

Along with the overall benefits of SEO, optimizing to compete locally improves your search visibility for keyword searches made from your location.

Whether deep in Appalachia or on the lip of the Grand Canyon, athletes are able to compete while maintaining physical distance from others.

While cities like Singapore and Tokyo appear to be ahead of Mumbai in the race, some experts think that India’s financial hub has certain advantages, and the primary structures in place to compete.

In this analytical age, brands are competing on the minutest details.

This is the kind of advantage the tech superpowers have that is hard for governments to break apart or for rivals to compete with.

At the same time, China and India have quarrelled and competed over a number of other issues.

Finally, individuals must compete for resources that limit the number of offspring they can produce.