Strive [verb]

Definition of Strive:

try for, exert oneself

Opposite/Antonyms of Strive:

Sentence/Example of Strive:

Strive and grope as he would, the thing had driven him on relentlessly.

I strive to be useful to my fellow-creatures, and am happy if I succeed.

We strive for peace and security, heartened by the changes all around us.

Something to strive for we demand, even at the risk of bereavement.

"The more reason that I should strive to mend him," quoth Alleyne.

Does not one fair kingdom content you, that you should strive so for this other one which has no love for you?

Men are to strive to be perfect even as the Father in heaven is perfect.

Why should he battle and strive for an unattainable something as intangible as a dream?

Strive as I may, such transformation is out of the question.

Why should he strive to take young Woodville before Colonel Winchester?