Vying [verb]

Definition of Vying:


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Sentence/Example of Vying:

The colonel had to eat, in vying admiration of Jeff, ravenous from his day's walk.

Far from that, her rivals were vying with each other in their strivings to maintain peace.

They buy, and buy, and buy––vying each other in their daring.

Bright as was the moon, many of the stars were to be seen also, vying with her in splendour.

So they continued, vying with each other, and increasing in efficiency.

The sunlight and the air are vying with each other to-day to see which can be the most intoxicating.

That everybody was vying with everybody else in making love to him he could not help observing.

The truth was, that 'vying with Israel' was a byword with us.

Thus they wrangle all night, vying with each other in slander.

That night, while the rest gathered round her, vying with each other for a word or a smile, the prince kept away from her side.